The 'Arrowverse' is an increasingly complicated place for its residents to navigate. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has been through the ringer in his adventures to save Star City and beyond from crime and fates worse than death, and it now looks as if his circle of conflict and resolution with best friend John Diggle (David Ramsey) will take another turn for the worse.

David Ramsey has played John Diggle in 'Arrow' since the show's first seasonDavid Ramsey has played John Diggle in 'Arrow' since the show's first season

In the past, we've seen Oliver and Diggle go from being best buddies to complete rivals, with utterly different perspectives on how to tackle troubles and solve problems. They butt heads consistently, but in the end they always seem to come back together again. Diggle has even taken on the mantle of Green Arrow in the past, when Oliver stepped away from the role. Now though, their friendship could be about to go up in flames for good.

Ramsey has recently been teasing a clash of the titans for the pair, which would see the two struggle over who may be the best person to take Green Arrow forward. Diggle sees Oliver's path of action as dangerous and unnecessary, and thinks there's always a better and safer way to get things done.

Speaking with TV Line, the actor explained: "But I think he really does see now that there’s a different way of doing this. At the end of the day, Oliver Queen is our Bruce Wayne character. He’s a loner of sorts, and though he’s grown past that with Felicity and with Diggle, John sees that [Oliver] is a guy who makes his own decisions, and he’s not quite sure where he fits in that."

Those comments came after he also said that an upcoming episode titled 'Brothers In Arms' would "explore what the Green Arrow mantle meant to Diggle." Could the character soon be fighting his best friend to take over the role of Green Arrow permanently?

Exactly how things will be resolved if these scenes do cause a major stir remains to be seen, but we hope that the pals will be able to talk through their differences and come to some sort of compromise. The fate of their city pretty much depends on it!

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