David Tennant thinks hot weather at Christmas is ''wrong''.

The 'Broadchurch' actor and his wife Georgia Moffett will be spending the festive season at home with their five children because the idea of spending 25 December on a beach ''doesn't work'' for him.

He said: ''[I'll be] at home! I don't get the idea of going away, it doesn't work for me. The idea you'd go and sit on a beach at Christmas, it's wrong isn't it! Shouldn't it be cold and a bit miserable, shouldn't you be under the duvet waiting to hear sleigh bells in the snow?!''

Georgia's birthday is also on Christmas Day but she never gets the chance to have more than a ''five-minute'' celebration with her spouse.

Explaining how they mark the actress' birthday, he told talk show host Jonathan Ross: ''Christmas is about the kids. We stay up just past midnight on Christmas Day when all the kids are in bed and we'll have a five minute birthday celebration...

''Then you're like, the kids are going to get up in 20 minutes so we need to get some sleep!''

And if having a birthday and Christmas on the same day isn't enough, the 48-year-old actor chose the date to propose nine years ago and was delighted when the question came as a surprise.

David - who married Georgia in December 2011 - recalled: ''I wrapped up a big box in Christmas paper and there was another box inside that and another inside that. She didn't get it. It was weird.

''She was going through [the boxes] by box 10, she still hadn't figured out what I was doing. It was great, she opened the last box and it worked, she said 'Yes' thankfully! ''

The full interview with David airs on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' on ITV on Tuesday (24.12.19) evening.