David Tennant had no idea the aubergine emoji had sexual connotations.

The 47-year-old actor admitted that during a sexual harassment training film - which have become commonplace in Hollywood in wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal - he was shocked to discover that certain picture messaging icons have sexual undertones, such as the vegetable, which is often used to represent male genitals.

Referring to a training video while speaking at the ACE Comic-Con in Arizona, he said: ''Because of things that have been going on in our industry and it's right and proper that there are debates happening in our industry that haven't happened before.

''I'm about to start work on a new project and one of the things I had to do contractually is sit down and watch a video.

''Everyone on the production, you have to sit down and watch a video so no one can say 'I don't understand what harassment means'.

''And then at one point it was, 'Remember, the eggplant emoji is not just an eggplant' and that was it, no explanation, just that. I went, 'WHAT?' ''

The 'Dr Who' star - who raises four children with wife Georgia Moffett - admitted the session highlighted some obvious points, but it also left him worried he could accidentally offend someone with what he thought was a kind gesture.

He said: ''Stuff like it's bad to touch somebody on the bum and all that, and course, sure.

''You're starting with a new company, here are the rules...I mean, imagine I was just saying 'Do you want some eggplant for dinner?' and suddenly I am up against a tribunal. Now I am terrified!''