David Tennant and Georgia Moffett are expecting their fifth child together.

The former 'Doctor Who' star and his wife - whom he has been married to since 2011 - already have 17-year-old Ty, Olive, eight, Wilfred, six, and Doris, four, together, but they're set to become a family of seven later this year as David has announced they are expecting once again.

During an appearance on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on Thursday (23.05.19) night, show host James said: ''David, we were just talking backstage, this is blowing my mind. You have four children already, your oldest is 17. You just told me you and your wife, the lovely Georgia, are expecting your fifth child.''

After the announcement received cheers from the audience, David - who adopted Georgia's son Ty in the same year that the couple married in 2011 - admitted their growing family has become cause for concern in their eldest son, who is now giving his parents ''lectures on birth control''.

The 'Good Omens' star said: ''I know! Five is a lot. What's really weird about it is we're now getting lectures on birth control from our 17-year-old son. And that's definitely meant to be the other way around.

''He's like 'Come on, do I need to teach you the basics?' It's mental. It's a lot.''

James - who has three children of his own with wife Julia Carey - then asked David how he manages to keep up with his children's birthdays, as he always seems to be planning for someone's special day.

David said: ''Yeah, and then you add to that school concerts and sports days and I mean ... It's too much.''

As of the time of writing, David and Georgia have not announced when their new bundle of joy is due.