The singer's health issues finally caught up with him during the group's January (16) Hysteria on the High Seas cruise and he was so sick he couldn't perform.

The group then postponed the last 10 dates of its tour with Styx and Tesla to allow Elliott time to get well.

Now he's back to good health, according to bandmate Phil Collen.

"He's great," Collen told Texas radio station C101. "We toured nine months last year and Joe was actually touring with walking pneumonia for most of the time. And when he got better... he actually got a nasty cough just after Christmas, after pneumonia had gone... this awful hacking cough.

"That's really what kind of messed him up. You know, when we'd done these dates (on the cruise) in Florida... We'd only done one show and, all of a sudden, his voice just kind of went out. And the doctor said, 'Look, you've gotta stop singing for a month'.

"He's doing great now. He's actually all back to normal."

Def Leppard are now raring to go with their next tour - they'll be hitting the road later this spring (16) with REO Speedwagon and Tesla.