The singer saw the youngsters' mother put them on the flight from Sydney to Melbourne, and decided to keep them company as the plane was hit by stormy weather and turbulence.

"I saw the mother getting teary when she was saying goodbye to her kids, then they looked up and seemed surprised to see me so I went up and said, 'What's going on here,'" Delta tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph. "The mum told me the kids were boarding a flight on their own and were concerned because it was a really stormy day. I said, 'We've got this kids, we're going to be okay'.

"I told the mum not to worry and that I've got them and that I'd go and check on them... I went and checked on them throughout the flight, we played games and then when they got off, I saw their dad and took them to him. I remember when you take the first flight by yourself, it can be scary."

The mother, who asked not to be named, tells the publication she is grateful to Delta for looking after the youngsters.

"She offered to take good care of them, took them into the flight and then traded her business class seat for most of the flight to sit with them - what an all around beautiful human being," the mum adds.