Demi Lovato has apologised after being accused of trivialising sexual assault.

The 'Tell Me You Love Me' hitmaker came under fire for sharing details on Twitter of a stunt she pulled on her bodyguard, after being asked the best prank she's ever played.

Demi revealed: ''I hired a lady of the night in Vegas and sent her to Max's hotel room to surprise him. She walked into his room without permission and grabbed him in his 'area' and he freaked the f*** out hahahahaha.''

When Demi faced criticism for the stunt, the 25-year-old singer hit back: ''I swear I could tweet something about craving jelly beans and it would offend someone.''

Demi added: ''For all of those coming at me rn, listen to the lyrics of Warrior and maybe you'll have more compassion for someone who made a simple mistake. Of all people I know about sexual abuse. You don't have to educate me. (sic)''

But the 'Fall In Line' hitmaker soon backtracked and apologised for causing offence.

Demi tweeted: ''So sorry if anyone was offended (sic)''

The actress and singer has been outspoken on issues of sexual abuse in the past, and even opened up about her own experiences.

Demi publicly supported fellow singer Kesha after she accused music producer Dr. Luke of sexually assaulting her.

Dr. Luke has denied all allegations, calling them ''outright lies.''

Demi also criticised Time magazine for naming Donald Trump as the runner-up for its ''Person of the Year'' award in the year of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. The singer claimed it was disrespectful and hypocritical to the actual ''Person of the Year'' - several women who broke their silence on sexual assault allegations.