Roth was diagnosed with stage four bile duct cancer in October (15), and passed away on Wednesday (16Dec15).

The guitarist was considered a staple in the New York City music scene since the 1970s, playing with bands such as Del Fuegos and Hoy Boy and the Doys.

He attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts where he met actor Denis Leary and the two formed a friendship that lead to frequent collaborations for nearly four decades.

Roth served as the composer for Leary's hit drama series Rescue Me and his recent series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, and he was also star John Corbett's guitar "voice" as well as the show's technical adviser.

"He was one of the funniest people on the planet," Leary told the New York Daily News. "And that's what I'll always remember about him. I'm not going to mourn the time I didn’t get to have with him. I’m just so grateful for the 40 years I got to spend with him.”

Roth also forged friendships with actors such as Matt Dillon, Chloe Sevigny and Natasha Lyonne, who all paid tribute to their late friend in the New York Daily News.

"He liked people based on their character," Dillon told the newspaper. "It was about who you were in your heart. I want to honour him by living the way he did. I loved the guy."