The 35-year-old singer/actress, who was one of the original members of the R&B girl group, reportedly tied the knot with motivational speaker and author Rob Hill, Sr. in January (16) but they split around two months later.

According to, the divorce has already been finalised and their legal documents reportedly included a clause which bans either party from discussing each other in public or on social media. The clause states they won't "provide photos, videos, recordings or other documents" to media outlets.

However, it is unclear if the clause prevents them from discussing the marriage too, because Rob gave an interview with U.S. radio show The Fam in the Morning with Quicksilva and Lil Mo in July (16) and claimed they had never made it past the engagement stage.

The 28-year-old was asked if they were still planning on getting married and he replied, "At this point, no" before explaining they have a "beautiful relationship" but aren't together because their work is keeping them apart.

"We’re not getting married at this point because we understand each other as friends - the right way," he said. "There’s certain things she needs to do over there for herself and there’s certain things I need to do over here. We realise that we can’t do those together right now.”

When asked if he's been married before, Rob replied, "No", causing further mystery with the divorce reports.

The former couple revealed their engagement on New Year's Eve (31Dec15).