Devendra Banhart amazed a musician who had travelled across America to meet the folk rocker - when he invited the fan to play on his new album. Nathan Pelkey cornered Banhart in a coffee shop in Topanga Canyon, California and played him a song on his kalimba - a sound box with metal keys - only for his impressed hero to ask him to perform on new disc Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. Banhart recalls, "He says, 'I hitchhiked here from Austin to play you a song on my kalimba.' He play me a song, and it's a killer song. "And it just so happened we needed a kalimba on the end of this one song, Samba Vexillographica, and so he came up and he tracked it, and he plays the accordion and the piano... "And now fast forward and our bass player (Luckey) Remington is his manager, he just went on a U.S. tour. "So that was a beautiful thing out of him somehow finding out that we live here."