The 70-year-old actress has never been married, and as she gets older, she admits she finds it more difficult to find men who are equally as attracted to her.

In an interview with comedienne Ellen Degeneres on her U.S. talk show, Diane was caught nibbling chunks of ice, prompting her friend to note the habit is a sign of being "sexually frustrated".

Diane admitted, "I am. I am sexually frustrated... Do you know how it feels? I know what it feels like to be sexually frustrated and it's not good."

Ellen noted the once desired star has had "many lovers", including Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, and Al Pacino, but Diane insisted that those men were part of her past, when her love life wasn't problematic.

"I've had so many lovers," Diane agreed. "But those were the days when I wasn't sexually frustrated... Who's gonna be asking me to be their lover? Am I gonna go on some dates with some sexually interested men? Interested in me? I don't think so."

Ironically, Ellen unknowingly spurred Diane's frustrations the last time she appeared on her show in November (15), when the actress admitted she is a huge fan of "gorgeous" Justin Bieber, 22.

As she was gushing over the pop star, Bieber, who was preparing for a performance on the show, unexpectedly came out to hug Diane, who became flustered as he kissed her on the cheek.

Recalling the incident, Diane said, "I (fell in love with him) in a big way. I tried to keep in touch. I reached out, but he didn't reach back... He's very attractive."

And Ellen was eager to help Diane narrow down her choice in men by playing a game of "Who'd You Rather?", giving the star a chance to choose between the hottest guys in Hollywood, including Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law, and her former flame Pacino.

When it came to choosing between Bieber and Jared Leto, Diane said, "When I look at Justin, I feel a special feeling for him. That's a nice body and he's displaying it. And that's what's so good about him - he displays it. And his hair. Plus the nose. Don't ever overlook a nose. Mr. Bieber has a fatter nose and I like that."