Diane Keaton has landed a standing invitation from her new movie co-star Michael Douglas to make use of his holiday home in Spain whenever she wants to get away.

The Hollywood veterans star as lovers in romantic comedy And So It Goes, and they have built up such a rapport, Douglas has given the Annie Hall actress access to his sun-soaked vacation pad, which he still co-owns with his ex-wife Diandra Douglas.

During a joint interview with America's Star magazine, Keaton says, "When I think of Michael, I think of you in Europe... You spend a lot of time there, don't you?", to which Douglas replied, "Yes, I have a house in Spain. By the way, if one thing comes out of this, that house, which you would love, is yours to visit whenever you want!"

A delighted Keaton, who is also a passionate interior designer, gladly promised to take him up on the offer, with Douglas adding, "Call up. All I can say to you is that I still share it, 50-50, with my ex-wife. So come from January to July 15, anytime in there. I promise."