Broadcasting legend Dick Clark has been receiving fitting tributes this week, following his death on Wednesday (April 18, 2012), though some have already set about speculating on his replacement. The entertainment giant's passing has certainly left a hole in U.S. television, though many believe the person to carry on his legacy is an obvious choice.
37-year-old Ryan Seacrest is said to have modelled his career on Clark and he helped him carry on his annual New Year's Eve celebration when he fell ill. This week, Seacrest called the broadcaster "one of the greatest influences in my life". The American Idol host obviously has youth on his side and is already known across America for his syndicated morning radio show and the international program 'American Top 40'. He's also a producer - the man behind Keeping Up with the Kardashians'- as well as its many spin offs. He's often first to grab the top celebrity interviews at the Grammys or the Golden Globes and will be NBC's Olympic correspondent this summer. Hollywood publicist David Brokaw thinks Seacrest has what it takes to carry on Clark's legacy, telling the Associated Press, "He's becoming a 21st century DICk Clark.American Idol' is a show for everyone", just as Clark's American Bandstand became an institution. Publicist Michael Levine agrees, saying, "Sometimes when I go home and turn on the hot water faucet, I think he's going to come out. He's everywhere.In the short term it can provide some annoyance, but in long term just adds to his iconic stature".
Seacrest paid tribute to his mentor on Wednesday's episode (April 18, 2012) of American Idol, saying, "Without DICk, a show like this would not exist".