The Mary Poppins star has attacked Dr. Simon Ourian for allegedly botching his wife Arlene Silver's Lipofreeze, claiming he left her with painful and permanent scars that impaired the couple's wedding plans in 2012.

The actor tells TV show Crime Watch Daily the sores on Silver’s body were so painful and seeping that she had to wear protective clothing to prevent blood and other fluids from staining her wedding dress.

"When I finally saw the really horrible scars I blew my top," DICk fumes in the new TV interview. "I became apoplectic. I'm not a violent person, but when I walked into that room I was ready to punch that guy out."

Crime Watch Daily bosses reached out to Dr. Ourian for a statement and a representative for the revered surgeon told the programme, "Dr. Ourian routinely treats royalty from around the world and A-list celebrities, many of whom have publicly proclaimed their gratitude and affection for his skills as a physician. His work speaks for itself."

Van Dyke's attack on the doctor will air as part of Monday's (19Sep16) Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen in America.

Dr. Ourian's clients also include Lady Gaga.