Dina Lohan has claimed she's just ''good friends'' with the mystery man she's been talking to for five years.

The 56-year-old television personality - who is the mother of Lindsay Lohan - has been speaking to Jesse Nadler over the phone for half a decade after the pair met on Facebook, but despite Jesse himself recently expressing a wish to marry Dina, she's now said they're just ''really good friends''.

She said: ''He's my friend, we're like really good friends. He's an amazing guy and we're good friends.''

But although she refused to label their relationship, she did admit she shares Jesse's marriage plans, despite the fact they've never met face to face.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Wendy Williams Show', Dina said: ''When you know, you just know.''

Her comments come after Jesse recently said he wants to tie the knot with Dina because the pair have ''amazing chemistry''.

He said: ''I am going to marry the girl; I know it's crazy because we haven't met. But we have amazing chemistry.

''We get on the phone and talk about everything under the moon. She's talked to my mother, my niece!''

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star detailed her relationship with Jesse earlier this year on the reality show which led to a hoard of online rumours claiming Dina's boyfriend was pretending to be someone he isn't - however Jesse is adamant that he's not a ''catfish''.

He explained: ''I'm not a catfish and fake guy who steals photos, I didn't like the term 'catfish.' Anyone who cons people, who creates false personas and photos rubs me the wrong way and really upsets me.

''I'm a good guy. I'm the real deal. Just the thought of people thinking I could be a catfish when everyone knows me and knows how hard I work and how I respect women and mothers, it just kills me.''