Dina Lohan's boyfriend claims to have won $20,000 on a scratchcard.

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star is in for a treat of diamond earrings from Jesse Nadler after he tried his luck on a $30 ticket and beat odds of 1 in 29,648 to scoop a five-figure sum from the '$10,000,000 Bankroll' competition.

Jesse - who still hasn't met Dina - told The Blast he plans to spend a ''good chunk'' of his winnings on jewellery for the showbiz matriarch, though he hasn't chosen the gift yet.

In April, Dina and Jesse split briefly but reconciled shortly afterwards and though the businessman is still keen to propose to her when they meet, their planned face-to-face get together in San Francisco is on hold for the time being.

Dina had previously spoken out about their split, where she said she thought Jesse was ''different'' to the other men she had dated.

She said: ''It's always sad when a friendship is over but people have always run to the media about me and my family - I thought he was different until I had my suspicions, which he just proved to be justified.''

Jesse had previously insisted he is determined to marry Dina even though they have never met because they can ''talk about everything under the moon''.

He said: ''I am going to marry the girl; I know it's crazy because we haven't met. But we have amazing chemistry. We get on the phone and talk about everything under the moon. She's talked to my mother, my niece! ...

''I'm not a catfish and fake guy who steals photos, I didn't like the term 'catfish.' Anyone who cons people, who creates false personas and photos rubs me the wrong way and really upsets me.''