Diplo had his phone confiscated during Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's second wedding.

The DJ had his phone ''put in a holding cell'' as the couple tied the knot for the second time in France on Saturday (29.06.19) after he livestreamed their first - and secret - nuptials on social media in May.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: ''This is the only photo I got from Joe and Sophie Turner Jonas wedding because they took my phone from me and put in a holding cell during the ceremony . Heard it was lovely tho (sic)''

Joe previously accused Diplo of ''ruining'' the wedding.

When asked how the wedding was, Joe replied: ''It was lit! ... Diplo did [ruin it]. I do love Diplo but he loves his 'gram more than a 13-year-old. He posts every five seconds. He literally, like, live streamed with dog face filters. We just laughed. We loved it, we thought it was ridiculous. We just loved that he was walking into the chapel and he was like, 'Gonna hit this wedding real quick.'''

However, Joe's wife Sophie, 23, didn't see the funny side and was slightly upset that they weren't able to enjoy the beginnings of married life in private.

She said recently: ''It's tricky when people livestream it. It would have been better if no one had known, but I actually think it was funny. I would have kept it a secret. Marriage is a private thing between two people and I think that's how it should always be. It's not about the dress, it's not about the food. It's about being husband and wife, and being dedicated to each other forever.''

Joe and Sophie tied the knot in front of family and friends at an intimate ceremony at Le Chateau de Tourreau on Saturday (29.06.19) in Sarrians, France.