Diplo says Travis Scott has been ignoring his texts.

The 40-year-old producer previously teamed up with Travis, Quavo and Camila Cabello for the 2017 song 'Know No Better' and although Travis has suggested working together again, Diplo claims he has been avoiding his messages.

Diplo told fans on Instagram that after bumping into Travis at a recent festival, the rapper asked the DJ to collaborate again but when they swapped numbers, he discovered Travis had already ignored 15 messages from him.

Diplo said: ''Travis sees me after a festival and says 'Hey let's make another song'. ''Me 'What's your new number?' Adds number, Texts him next day 'this is Diplo' notices the number was saved and I already sent desperate looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years.''

Diplo then added a screenshot of some of the texts, dating back to February, which included ''Wes/Diplo, lock me in'' and ''hey, what's up bro, text me back.''

In April he wrote, ''it's Diplo think something might be wrong with my texts...hit me back,'' and in May he sent: ''Yo Trav you must be super busy lol I know how it goes anyways hit my line my guy,'' followed by ''are you mad at me?''

Fans will be hoping they work out their differences after 'Know No Better' proved to be a huge hit, winning both a Teen Choice Award for Electronic/Dance Song and Best Trending Track at the WDM Radio Awards.