The hip-hop star grew up in east London, and he was involved with a number of local youth organisations which he credits with fuelling his creativity as a youngster.

Dizzee is convinced youth clubs in troubled inner city areas often provide a lifeline for troubled kids, and he wants politicians to boost their funding instead of shutting them down.

"Just put some money in the youth clubs, man," he tells the London Evening Standard. "Sometimes, those little youth clubs, you can close them down and some kids don't necessarily care, some don't give a s**t.

"But (for) some kids, being in that youth club is keeping them away from a whole lot of f**kery. Some kids might not want to go home, their home's not a great situation, so that little youth club community there is a good thing.

"It's all well making it (the area) smart and putting coffee shops and Tescos (supermarkets) everywhere, but if you lose the youth clubs then you lose the youths using that energy to create something amazing.

"They've got nowhere to do it no more so the s**t doesn't come out, and they're the things that are making these areas cool too."