Dizzee Rascal's next album will be his most American yet.

The British rapper is busy making his fifth studio record and wants it to have more of a US-feel, so is basing himself in Miami, Florida, and working with top American producers.

He said: ''I live in Miami now, as well as here, so I go back and forth. I've been in Las Vegas and Los Angeles as well, where I met up with Snoop Dogg.

''He hooked me up with a load of producers so I've done a lot with them. They are loving dubstep over there and it's all pretty banging.''

The 'Bonkers' hitmaker is also working with long-term collaborator Cage and has been talking to Calvin Harris about producing some tracks for the album, which is due for release later this year.

He said: ''I spoke to Calvin the other day actually. He's gonna send me some beats.

''He's doing big things. I got in there before Rihanna. I've also got a song produced by Erick Morillo, which should be this album's 'Bonkers'.''

Dizzee has also recently starred on 'Snap Your Neck Back', a track produced by Cypress Hill producer DJ Muggs.

he said: ''He made 'Jump Around', 'Insane in the Brain' - all them big classics. It's big.''