Battling depression and suicidal thoughts, the Walk This Way hitmaker turned to MCLachlan's Angel to help him cope during a 1997 tour of Japan, and he insists if it wasn't for the track, which has since been adopted as an anthem for ASPCA TV ads, he wouldn't be alive.

"The only song I listened to then was a soft-pop ballad by Sarah Mclachlan called Angel," MCDaniels writes in his new memoir, Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide, according to People magazine.

"I cannot overemphasize how important that song was to me in the midst of my depression. Angel kept me serene even when every fiber of my person was screaming for me to lose it."

At the time, MCDaniels was winning his battle with alcohol addiction, but throat condition spasmodic dysphonia had robbed him of his voice.

"Whatever my hesitations about suicide, I sometimes think I would have done the deed easily if it weren't for that record," he writes.

"I thought long and hard about killing myself every day in Japan. I tricked myself into thinking that my family might be better off without me. I considered jumping out of a window. I thought about going to a hardware store to buy poison to ingest. I thought about putting a gun to my temple. Whenever I'd listen to Angel, though, I always managed to make my way back from the brink."