Dolly Parton recently took to the stage of Queen Latifah’s show and it was strange, to say the least. Sporting a black bodysuit and a blond afro, Parton took on a whole new rap persona, which looked awkward enough to remind everyone of their aunt at Christmas dinner.

Dolly Parton, Letterman Show
There were plenty of references to Parton's "wrecking balls."

Not to bash Ms Parton, though, the country singer rapped; "Queen Latifah, she da queen/ Of hip-hop, rap, TV and screen/ She da queen of her own hood/ But I'm the queen of Dollywood, yo," she raps. "I own my territory/ Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

Those are some… well, they’re lyrics anyway. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Dolly Parton has enough street cred to build a career in the rap industry, though she’s certainly using all of her assets. And if you thought that was an unpleasant euphemism, check out the following (also from the performance.)

Check out the hilarious, if slightly awkward video below.

"Now I don't hip and I don't hop/ I'd black both eyes with this big top," she rapped while holding her boobs. "I know the Queen has got ‘em too/ But she don't work ‘em like I do/ Whoo, look at them go/ I'm tweaking them/ I'm working, I'm twerking/ Hey, Miley, I have your wrecking ball right here!"

Considering that the 'Wrecking Ball' starlet is Parton’s goddaughter, there had to be a Miley reference in there somewhere. Still, Parton, who was a veritable sex symbol back in her day, kept it pretty tame, comparatively.

Dolly Parton, VH1 Divas
She's the queen of Dollywood, but not of the rap game.