Dominic Cooper says his best kiss was with James Corden.

The 39-year-old actor - who had an on/off relationship with Amanda Seyfried between 2008 and 2010 and has been with his current partner Ruth Negga for seven years - has joked that his best ever smooch was with his pal James Corden.

When asked by The Guardian: ''What was the best kiss of your life?'', he replied: ''With James Corden.''

James and Dominic became close friends after starring in 'The History Boys' together and used to share a flat and it was Dominic who introduced James to his wife Julia Carey.

James previously said: ''She's got an amazing job looking after two and a half children - me being the half. [We met] through Dominic Cooper. They've known each other for years because they grew up in Blackheath. He introduced us.''

And it was love at first sight for the 'Late Late Show' host when Dominic arranged for them to meet.

He said: ''It was for me. I doubt it was for her. She's incredible. People always talk about me and how much work the show must be, but it's nothing compared to what she does. Our daughter was only 12 weeks old when we moved here to Los Angeles. I had to come out earlier because the baby didn't have a passport.

''It was a massive thing to just pick up our life and come here, you know. And we're happy because we're together all of the time. It's not like I'm doing a movie where I'll be back in a few months or a play with eight shows a week where every night you're on your own. Predominantly, this show is me being here, in this office, coming up with ideas and then we go and shoot stuff and do the show. Home every night.''