Don Johnson ''never'' wants to see his daughter Dakota Johnson in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' franchise.

The 28-year-old actress stars as Anastasia Steele in the trio of raunchy romance movies, and although her father and Hollywood icon Don is proud of her successful career, he won't be checking out her work on the productions.

He said: ''I would never see that. I wouldn't see that even if she wasn't in it. It's not my kind of thing.

''As a father there are certain images that you don't need in your head. I know it's just, pretend and make believe, but, you know?''

Acting runs in the family for Dakota, whose mother is actress Melanie Griffith, and maternal grandmother is Tippi Hendren, but 68-year-old Don admits he had his doubts about whether or not his daughter would make it in the showbiz world.

He added: ''I was surprised. When Dakota was about to graduate high school I went to her and I said, 'Okay, so what are we thinking about colleges here?' And she said, 'I'm not going to college. I'm going to be an actress.' And I went, 'Well, that's very interesting because I've never seen you take an acting class. I've never seen you do a play.'

''Little did I know, Dakota was in the background watching mom and dad all those years. She was learning her craft. And I'll be damned if she didn't learn it, maybe even better than mom and dad. She's extraordinary.''

The 'Miami Vice' star is also father to 35-year-old Jesse, whom he has with Patti D'Arbanville, and 18-year-old Grace, 15-year-old Jasper, and 12-year-old Deacon, whom he has with Kelley Phleger.

And the iconic actor has a very important rule when it comes to giving his kids pocket money.

Speaking to People magazine, he said: ''I have a rule in my family: As long as you go to school, you can stay on the family payroll. And if you don't, then good luck.''