Donald Sutherland was a ''bit put out'' when he couldn't star alongside his son Kiefer in 'A Time To Kill'.

The 'Hunger Games' actor always wanted to make a movie with the '24' star, but was disappointed when although they were both cast in the 1996 film, there was no opportunity for them to appear in a scene together.

He said: ''My son Kiefer worked on that film but we didn't have any scenes together.

''Joel Schumacher cast him and I was a bit put out. Kiefer and I wanted to make a film together, and this had taken The Edge off that.''

It is not the only time he has ended up upset with the output at the end of a movie - when Donald worked on 1978 film 'NATIONAL LAMPOON's Animal House' he claims he was ''stupid and ignorant'' to not accept the offer of a cut of the film's cinema takings, causing him to lose out on millions of dollars.

He said: ''I knew the director, John Landis - he'd been a gofer on 'Kelly's Heroes'. When he told me they were going to offer me a cut of the profits. I said, 'No, they have to pay my daily rate.' It wasn't a question of choice, it was a question of stupidity, ignorance and pomposity. I lost out on at least $2 million.''