The wannabe Republican presidential candidate opened the show with a comedy speech on Saturday (07Nov15), but was disrupted by a man in the audience who shouted, "Racist!"

However, it was then revealed the heckler was Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry, who joked that he wanted to claim a reward offered by Latino rights group Deport Racism, who offered $5,000 (£3,125) for anyone who heckled Trump during the show.

Organisers of the group, who have since maintained they want to give Larry the reward, have protested against Trump's appearance due to his comments on Mexican immigrants, when he described them as rapists and drug smugglers. Protesters outside SNL's New York studios gathered before filming began, but did little to disrupt the show.

The businessman told the audience on Saturday that he wanted to show viewers he "can take a joke", and was seemingly the butt of several jibes during the show.

From appearing alongside two lookalikes who have comically played Trump in SNL sketches, to covering Drake's Hotline Bling video, the White House contender enjoyed his time on the show.

However, most critics did not. He was called "lacklustre... and uncomfortable" by The Hollywood Reporter, and users reacted negatively to the controversial businessman.

"This #SNL proves Donald Trump missed his calling... as a failed live TV actor," wrote actor Jeffrey Wright, while another posted, "It's so sad that Donald Trump gets to be racist on national television and get rewarded for it by being invited to shows like SNL."