St. Vincent removed Twitter from her phone because she was ''bummed out about the state of the world''.

The 35-year-old musician - real name Anne Clark - decided to lessen the time she was spending on the social media platform because the political discourse between her fellow Americas was making her miserable.

St. Vincent made the revelation when asked by Q magazine when was the last time she had a Twitter spat with someone, admitting it was back in January 2017 around the time of President Trump's inauguration.

She said: ''I took Twitter and stuff off my phone, just because I was getting bummed out about the state of the world.''

Referring to her row, she added: ''It was a while ago, around the Trump inauguration. Tensions were high, and he had a white child band play 'When The Saints Go Marching In', which seemed really racially inconsiderate - shocker for Trump - but then also they were sh***y. I posted something about it and I got people accusing me of trying to crush the dreams of children. I'm like, 'This has nothing to do with the children!' It's one of the few times I actually ever even responded. I'd never throw children under the bus, it's not all about that!''

St. Vincent is a liberal when it comes to her political beliefs and is far from impressed by Donald Trump's actions since getting into the White House and she has described him as a ''cartoon yeast infection''.

The American artist released her most recent album, 'Masseducation', last October and on the record she tackles the shift in politics in her home country and themes of power.

In a previous interview, she revealed: ''The political is personal and the personal is political. I couldn't help but insert some of my anxiety and the collective anxiety into the music. The record is more or less an exploration of power, be that power over a person, power over a population, and what we're seeing in the body politic is a very brutish, old way of looking at power; power that says, 'You're under my thumb.' ''