Dougie Poynter is dating a model.

The McBusted star has had a number of failed high-profile relationships over the years but he's no doubt hoping that he's in for better luck this time around as he's been romancing brunette beauty Maddy Elmer since the end of last year.

A source told The Sun: ''Dougie and Maddy have known each other for a while and properly hit it off at the end of last year. He's had some downtime over the past few months and they've grown close. Dougie took her on holiday at the end of April and the beginning of May and she was introduced to his McBusted bandmate James Bourne. He has a tight-knit circle of friends, so welcoming Maddy into that means a lot. Dougie wouldn't do that unless he was serious about her. It is his longest relationship since he was with Ellie [Goulding] and he's in a really good place.''

The 31-year-old hunk dated Ellie Goulding for two years before they split in 2016.

Despite breaking up, the former couple have always remained close friends.

The 'Love Me Like You Do' singer - who is now engaged to Caspar Jopling - said at the time: ''It's like we've always been friends. He's one of my really good friends. For me, when I've been in relationships with people, those are the people I will always hold dear to me. So if still maintaining a really awesome friendship with an ex is possible, then of course that's the best thing because you've shared so much with that person. You've created an amazing connection with someone and life's too short to completely ... unless something terrible has happened.''

Dougie also dated The Saturdays' Frankie Bridge from 2008 until 2010.