The producer - who has been accused by his former protege of "mental manipulation, emotional abuse and sexual assault" - is downsizing his company, but has denied it has anything to do with Sony's legal battle with Kesha.

News of the changes to the record company's set up comes just days after Kesha's claims that she was a "slave" to the label and her contract were dismissed by a judge, who also rejected her "hate crime" argument.

In a statement to website Pitchfork, a representative for the label stated: "Kemosabe Records and Sony elected to downsize certain departments. Some of those functions will be handled by Sony as part of their joint venture relationship.

"Kemosabe continues to be fully operational and is excited about its current releases and the upcoming year."

The label was founded in 2011, as a joint venture between Dr. Luke and Sony.

Kesha recently lost her appeal to end her contract with Kemosabe, despite allegations she'd been raped by the producer. According to website TMZ, the star's bid for an emergency order was dismissed after the judge failed to agree fulfilling the contract amounted to "slavery" and because Sony has said she had the option to work with other producers.