Numerous lawsuits tied to Drake's first six albums were resolved on Friday (26.07.19).

The 32-year-old rap star - who is now among the best-selling musicians in the world - signed with Aspire Music Group in 2008 and the label subsequently accused Cash Money Records of failing to pay its due share from his first six albums.

Aspire's argument centred on its claim that it signed Drake on an exclusive recording agreement in 2008, only for the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker to strike a deal with Cash Money in June 2009.

Under the supposed terms of that agreement, Drake was afforded the chance to record for the label in exchange for one-third of the net profits as well as one-third of the master recording copyrights of his first six albums.

According to Aspire, the label only received ''a few modest advances'' for Drake's first six albums, Billboard reports.

What's more, Aspire said that monthly accounting - which it was supposedly entitled to - was irregular and erroneous, before it stopped altogether.

The company alleged, too, that Cash Money made a conscious effort to cut Aspire out of their arrangement entirely, even though it had a legally-binding agreement with the rapper.

Aspire's claims have now been resolved, but the terms of the settlement have not been revealed publicly.