Drake has a ''beautiful'' bond with his son.

The 32-year-old singer hasn't spent ''a lot of time'' with 17-month-old Adonis - whose mother is former adult film star Sophie Brussaux - but when he does see the tot, there is a lot of love between them.

Drake's dad, Dennis Graham, said: ''This is brand new. The baby is only 17 months. He hasn't had a lot of time [with him], but the baby loves him.

''I've seen them interact together, and it's beautiful.''

Dennis hasn't offered the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker any advice on fatherhood because he doesn't think his son needs any help.

Asked if he gave Drake any tips, he told People magazine: ''He didn't need it. He's got love in his heart.''

Drake previously admitted he had turned to his own upbringing for tips on how to be a father.

He said last October: ''I'm just excited. [I've been drawing on] all of the things I've learned from and through my father and the incredible things I've learned through my mother about patience, about unconditional love.''

But he also confessed to being ''scared'' to tell his mother he was to be a dad because he and Sophie were never in a relationship.

He said: ''[I was] more scared to tell my mom because my mom has had real belief and real relationships with women in my life, like, over the course of my years.

''I'm sure she would expect or be elated if I were to have gotten one of those women pregnant ... So it was tough for me to tell her that it's somebody that she's never met.''

And the 'God's Plan' hitmaker boasted about his ''beautiful'' son.

He gushed: ''[He has] crazy blue eyes -- baby blue eyes. He's already in the pool shooting the basketball.''