Dr Drew Pinsky, the 52-year-old host of VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab', has spoken for the first time about the new cast of his show and admitted that he has concerns about the health of certain contestants who are looking to beat their addictions, reports US Magazine.
Jason Wahler, the star of hit reality show 'The Hills', is appearing on the show after being arrested for drink-driving earlier this year, and Pinsky suggests that alcohol has taken its toll on the 23-year-old, saying, "The one thing that struck me in the opening day was, I did his physical exam and he had clear stigmata - signs of advanced alcoholism", before going to reveal, "This guy's in his early 20s and he has the kind of alcohol damage that usually I've seen in 50-year old dads". Speaking about his problems with drink, Wahler said he felt "very, very ashamed of everything", and admitted that he began attending AA meeting before 'falling out' of the program.
Pinsky, who will also be helping the likes of Janice Dickinson and Jeremy London beat their addictions, says he knew Wahler would hit trouble after seeing him on reality show Laguna Beach', saying, "I literally was yelling at the television like, 'Is anybody gonna help this kid?".