Duncan James enjoyed the ''best times of [his] life'' with the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

The 38-year-old singer dated the socialite - who was sadly found dead at her London home on Wednesday (08.02.17) - between 2008 and 2009, and he will forever treasure the fond memories of holidays and luxurious dinners with her during their relationship and continued friendship.

Speaking about the brunette beauty in a heartfelt article for The Sun newspaper, the Blue band member wrote: ''She had an energy about her that was simply amazing. I have so many fond memories from all the holidays we shared together, countless nights out in wonderful restaurants.

''I will treasure all of those moments as some of the best times of my life.''

And the 'One Love' hitmaker has credited Tara as being his ''best friend'' in the entertainment industry ever since the pair met on 'CD:UK' .

He gushed: ''Tara has been my best friend since I got into the industry.

''We met spontaneously when she came out of the jungle on a TV show called 'CD:UK'.

''Tara had a cheeky, naughty, mischievous side that I loved. She would always make me smile and laugh in ways that nobody else could.

''She really was the brightest light to be around and had this warmth around her that could lift the spirits of everyone around and we became the best of friends.''

The 'Hollyoaks' actor - who plays Ryan Knight in the popular soap - has revealed Tara often teased the public the pair were planning to get married, but despite her jovial character and marital jokes Duncan was desperate for Tara to meet someone she could settle down with.

He explained: ''So she always had this naughty little side to her but it was so innocent and adorable.

''However, I know deep down Tara would have loved nothing more than to meet someone, settle down and be happy.

''We always joked that we would grow old together and be the best of friends for life.

''Although it appeared Tara loved the attention of being in the spotlight, she also battled with a life in the public eye. She was actually a very private person when it came to family and connections and I respected and admired her for that.''