Duncan James hid his sexuality for years for the sake of his daughter.

The Blue singer came out as gay in 2012 but, although he was attracted to men for long before that, he kept his true identity a secret because he was worried 12-year-old Tianie-Finn, whom he has with former girlfriend Claire Grainger, would suffer.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (05.07.17), he said: ''To be honest it was something I didn't feel comfortable sharing with the world but I thought doing a story was the right thing to do. After years of hiding the secret inside me I wanted to be who I am and I wanted acceptance. I carried this burden on my shoulders for years, I was worried about what the fans would think, family and friends, and I was living a lie really.''

The 39-year-old singer-turned-actor - who now plays bisexual detective Ryan Knight in 'Hollyoaks' - feared he'd receive a backlash about his sexuality but is thankful people have been very supportive.

He explained: ''I thought people would shout at me in the streets but I just had positivity. We celebrated Pride this month - it's so important for people to feel comfortable with who they are. I had a wonderful response from everyone.

''We're living in 2017 it shouldn't be a problem... You know what they say, there's always a gay one in a boyband! It's normal now. But sportsman still have trouble and there's still a stigma in certain countries around the world.''

Duncan has had a tough few years as he was rushed to theatre last June after fluid from his brain began pouring out of an old surgery wound and almost killed him.

Doctors managed to relieve the trapped nerve in his spine and get the leak under control but he was left with paralysis down his left side.

He previously told BANG Showbiz: ''Hopefully I'll get feeling back in my left leg at some point. The nerve has been severely damaged so it can take up to two years for the nerve to wake back up again. It's been about eight months now. You always have that worry that it won't come back but I'm thankful that I'm still able to work.''