The 37-year-old plays Llane Wrynn, a human king ruling the fantastic Azeroth realm, in the soon-to-be-released movie, which is based on the beloved fantasy video game franchise.

With over 20 years on the market and over five games produced, Warcraft has become something gamers take very seriously, and Dominic has a feeling fans will have a lot to say about director Duncan Jones' adaptation for the big screen, and his role after his involvement in Need For Speed, another video game adaptation, was poorly received in 2014.

"I’ve done one before, Need for Speed (and) that was interesting," he tells U.K. newspaper The Independent. "Video game adaptations are a worry; you have to offer something the game isn’t already offering. If you think about what gamers are already experiencing, you are at liberty to make something that is a completely different experience."

“There are so many preconceived ideas of what the characters are to those gamers," he adds of his acting challenge. "They’ve lived with those people longer than the people actually making the film. There’s this massive responsibility and at some point, you have to draw the line and not be panicked.

"You put yourself in the firing line immediately because of people’s expectations, because people have much more of an ability to converse about something they know well, they can immediately compare the two."

However, he thinks the late David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, will blow fans away with his Warcraft expertise.

"He was so passionate about the universe, and the world in which it inhabits," Dominic shares.

Warcraft will reach U.S. cinemas on 10 June (16).