Duncan Jones was asked to direct a 'Star Wars' movie.

The 46-year-old director won widespread critical acclaim with his debut movie 'Moon', but claims it was only after the release of his second film, 2011's 'Source Code', that he caught the attention of major studios, however he continues to turn down their approaches.

He told Total Film magazine: ''After ['Source Code'] there were lots of offers. And, to be honest, there continue to be offers to do kind of Marvel films and DC films and 'Star Wars'es and stuff like that.

''I just, I don't... I don't want to do them.''

However, the 'Mute' filmmaker admitted there are some studio projects he'd make an exception for.

He said: ''There's a couple of films that I would consider making as a hired gun for other people. I mean, if '2000 AD' ever got its arse in gear to really make proper films, I would do those.

''I would love to have my DNA in '2000 AD' movies. But we'll see.

''Other than that, I kinda like to control my own destiny.''

Up next for the filmmaker is a long-conceived project - if he can find a way to bring down its budget.

He said: ''We'd done 'Source Code' and I was working with a company in LA who were very interested in doing my next film.

''So I wrote the script, delivered it and... it was way over budget.

''For a non-franchise film with unknown characters and, unfortunately to say, female leads, there was no way to finance it.

''But if I can find a way to reinvent the film in a way that doesn't cost $80 million, I'm gonna make it.''