Dwayne Johnson has claimed 'Skyscraper' will send heart rates soaring.

The Rock stars in the upcoming action blockbuster, and he has warned movie goers suffering from vertigo or a fear of heights that the adrenaline fueled film is best seen with a friend.

Speaking in a teaser clip to announce the final trailer, he said: ''There's been this Fitbit phenomenon which is very real, where people who are afraid of heights or have vertigo have been going to watch our movie wearing their Fitbits, and they have been reporting heart rates over 100 - sitting down.

''So this is a white-knuckler, it's a stomach tumbler, it's a pressure cooker not for the faint of heart. If you have vertigo, or if you're afraid of heights, it sounds like I'm joking about this but you will want to bring a friend.''

The former WWE superstar also revealed that he has been moved to hear audience reactions in the lead up to the July 13 release date.

Revealing his excitement for the movie, he added: ''That reason is the audiences' reactions that have been coming in to us. Everybody's been loving the movie, which obviously makes my heart swell with pride.

''More importantly than that, the feedback we've been getting is their experience, and the experience is this: It is so tense. The movie is so tense from beginning to end, it's the most tense ride you will ever experience in theatres. Here's the thing about tense. Tense is at a 10, 'Skyscraper' is, well, at a 12.''

The 46-year-old star has also paid homage to the films and big screen stars that came before him, including Paul Newman, Bruce Willis and Steve McQueen, who he described as the greatest of all time.

He posted on Twitter: ''Big time love & respect to the classic films of a classic genre: DIE HARD & TOWERING INFERNO. Thx U to the GOAT's - Willis, McQueen & Newman who inspired me and our SKYSCRAPER [sic]''