Former child star and multi-millionaire Dylan Sprouse has shot down reports suggesting he is broke after taking on a job at a restaurant in New York.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody actor, 21, and his twin brother and co-star Cole reportedly earned $40,000 (£26,670)-per-episode during the kids show's heyday - before they both became students at New York University.

Photos recently surfaced online showing Sprouse working at a Big Apple eatery, sparking rumours he had burned through the millions he had earned during his six years at Disney, but he has now taken to his blog to dispute the claims, insisting the extra money is mainly just to support his love of video games.

He writes, "So many pictures have gotten out that I'm now working as a host at a restaurant in Ny. To clear up the air (which is admittedly pretty rude), I did not take this job because I 'lost all my money,' I am financially secure, and took this job as a way to primarily feed my over bountiful video game addiction."

And Sprouse admits the job in the hospitality industry has been beneficial to him in more ways than one: "I also (took) this as a way to try a new experience, working somewhat below the means I'm used to, as well as a way to socialize and get out of the house. I feel most comfortable when I'm working and doing something, to criticize someone of that is pretty odd.

"I will potentially return to acting someday, but in no way do I think any experience is a step down for me, but rather a new step in another direction."