The cross-dressing comedian is a keen supporter of the current opposition party in Britain and he headed north to help Scottish Labour Party leader Jim Murphy in his final push for votes before the U.K.'s general election on Thursday (07May15).

However, the two men were surprised when they took to the streets to find themselves barracked by Scottish independence campaigners who branded Murphy a "traitor" over his refusal to back calls for Scotland to break away from the U.K.

In film footage of the event, Murphy and Izzard can be seen looking slightly baffled as they are confronted by several angry opponents, one of whom uses a loud-hailer to shout: "We will never give up the fight for freedom. You're a traitor, Murphy."

Speaking after the incident, Izzard suggested the protesters were trying to silence their opponents, saying, "They don't want it. They are scared of these words being heard. Why are you scared of that? Let everyone have their say. It's called democracy."