Eddie Izzard has join the cast of 'The Call Back'.

The 55-year-old comedian-and-actor will star as Henry - a British actor who has a relationship with an Australian restaurateur - in Marion Pilowsky's feature debut.

Izzard will star alongside Vanessa Guide, Emily Taheny and Luke McKenzie, Variety reported.

The film follows a struggling restaurateur [Taheny] who has had a short-lived relationship with Henry.

She settled with a new partner [McKenzie] but when Henry comes back into her life, her world is turned upside down as he brings his new French girlfriend [Guide].

The film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox Film Australia and the managing director Marc Wooldridge said they were lucky to find an ''original and entertaining'' script.

He said ''We are so lucky to have discovered such an original and entertaining female driver script, with broad appeal among an under-served cinema audience.''

Izzard has just off the back of the success of the hit comedy/drama 'Victoria and Abdul' where he starred as Bertie - who became Edward VII - alongside Dame Judi Dench.

Although coming from a comedy background, Izzard revealed he always wanted to be a dramatic actor.

He said: ''The comedy has nothing to do with it. When I was a kid I wanted to be a dramatic actor so playing interesting and diverse characters is what I enjoy.

''Bertie just wants to be king. There is a moment between them at the end of the movie, which is all true, so you are looking for different colours and a different reality to lock it down and bring people in on it.

''He starts off somewhat light in the script, but he gets darker and darker as it goes on and that's an interesting journey.''