Jamie Penny, 24, appeared in Westminster Magistrates' Court on Tuesday charged with two counts of using threatening and abusive words or behaviour stemming from two encounters with Izzard.

In April (16) Penny allegedly threatened to "do" the transvestite funnyman's house after he refused to give him and a friend a lift back to their home in Pimlico, London. Penny bumped into Izzard again on a London street in May (16) and allegedly called him an idiot and a "f***ing p**fter", British slang for homosexual.

The case was adjourned last week (ends14Aug16) so Penny could find a lawyer that understood his struggle with autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but he has turned down the services of three solicitors, claiming they don't understand him.

Penny denied the allegations in court but told District Judge Jeremy Coleman, "I’m not going to plead today. I have been abused by two gay men in Soho, assaulted... I didn’t say nothing to Eddie Izzard, he’s a f**king liar. I’m not entering a plea, sorry mate."

The judge entered not guilty pleas and set the next court date for 25 November (16) to give Penny time to find legal representation.

Penny was released on conditional bail and ordered not to go to Hugh Street, where Izzard lives, or to contact the comedian. He has now formally denied the charges, according to British newspaper the Daily Mirror.