Jamie Penny allegedly threatened to "do" the transvestite funnyman's house after Izzard refused to give Penny and his friend a lift in his Beetle in April (16) and when Penny encountered Izzard, 54, again on a London street in May (16), he allegedly called him an idiot and a "f***ing p**fter", British slang for homosexual.

Penny appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with two counts of using threatening and abusive words or behaviour. He is yet to indicate a plea and asked for the case to be adjourned while he found legal representation which understood his struggle with autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Chair of the bench Stevie Dee agreed to adjourn proceedings until 16 August (16), banned Penny from contacting Izzard and ordered him to avoid areas of London where the encounters took place.

"We have taken into account your request that because of your disability that you can see a lawyer with an understanding of autism," Dee said. "We are going to put this case over for a week for you to see a lawyer of your own choosing... On the next occasion if you have a solicitor or not, matters will have to go ahead."