Eddie Marsan has ''thousands'' of Orlando Bloom's 'Lord Of The Rings' ears in his ''loft''.

The 50-year-old actor is married to Naomie Harris, who worked as a make-up artist in the fantasy franchise based on the novels by J. R. R. Tolkein - which follows hobbit Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) on his quest to destroy the powerfully dark, One Ring.

However, Eddie revealed that his wife's special effects work with Bloom - who played a Sindarin Elf named Legolas in the trilogy -- means he has a lot of the star's pointed ears in his ''loft''.

Speaking to the Metro about what creatures his wife worked on, Eddie said: ''She was doing Orlando Bloom a lot. I used to have thousands of Orlando Bloom's ears in my loft.

''That should be the title of my autobiography: 'I've got Orlando Bloom's Ears In The Loft.' ''

Meanwhile, the British star plays Vihaan in the Andy Serkis directed Disney live-action reboot, 'Mowgli', and confessed that he had to act like a wolf for the CGI effects which was like ''going back to drama school''.

Eddie added: ''They put a camera on your head and it monitors all your face and body movements, and then you act with everybody else. After that they combine it with CGI. Naomie Harris and I played the husband-and-wife wolves bringing up Mowgli.

''So we were acting in a room together with Peter Mullan, Tom Hollander, Benedict Cumberbatch [who plays Shere Khan, the tiger], Andy [Serkis, the director, who also plays Baloo, the bear] and Christian Bale [Bagheera, the panther], all of us crawling around making animal movements in out T-shirts and tracksuits. It was like going back to drama school, really. I'm surprised someone didn't ask me to be a tree.''