Eddie Redmayne only remembers the ''taste of Hubba Bubba'' bubblegum from his first kiss.

The 36-year-old actor has opened up the first time he locked lips and revealed he wast just nine when he shared a smooch with a Swedish girl.

In an interview with W magazine, he recalled: ''It was at a school when I was about nine years old and the school that I was at, next door was a Swedish school. My friend was Swedish and there was a Swedish school disco and played a game of spin the bottle and if it landed on a girl, then I was gonna have to kiss them in the middle. It did land on a girl and I kissed her and I just remember the taste of Hubba Bubba. That's my memory.''

The 'My Week With Marilyn' star was joined in the interview by Rami Malek, who revealed he was ''very young'' when he had his first kiss, because he was ''jealous'' his twin brother was more popular with the ladies than he was so he acted on it.

He told Eddie: ''I was very, very young, and I have an identical twin brother and he did really well with people across the board and girls, as well, and I got a little jealous, you know, that he'd had his first kiss.

''He'd had a couple first kisses and I hadn't.

''I thought, 'You know, let's never use this twin thing to our advantage.'''

However, when it comes to having any special skills, Eddie simply said he's always ''early'' for everything.

He said: ''I'm incredibly good at being early. I'm always the person who gets to the airport like a good four hours early.''

Rami admitted he's a last minute person, adding: ''If we're going on the time thing, I manage to get to the airport about a minute or two before the plane actually takes off. I've never missed a flight.''

The 'Theory of Everything' star - who has nine-month-old Luke and two-year-old daughter Iris with his wife Hannah - says his spouse is much like Rami, always late for things, and recalled a trip they made before they were married, which he admitted could have ended their relationship then and there, when his wife held up their EasyJet flight for being late.

He remembered: ''When I first went on holiday with my wife, before we were married, we were going to Italy and it was agreed that we would meet on the plane because I knew that our burgeoning relationship would not last because she's the antithesis [of me].

''She's like sensationally late all the time.

''And I'll never forget, we were flying to Florence and I got on this EasyJet plane and I was sitting in the back surrounded by like three Irish monks and a nun and they were like, 'Ladies and gentleman. I'm afraid this plane can't take off because there's one passenger that's late.'

''Then my wife comes in. If we had met in the airport, I think the relationship would have died before we even started. But fortunately, there were some calming Irish monks.''