Edie Brickell + NEW BOHEMIANS keyboardist JEFFREY CARTER ALBRECHT has been shot to death by his girlfriend's neighbour after the star was mistaken for a burglar. Albrecht, 34, died at the scene in Dallas, Texas, on Monday morning (03Sep07) after he went round to the neighbour's house and tried to kick the door down. Dallas police spokesman Sergeant Gil Cerda confirmed Albrecht had been killed after the neighbour fired a shot through the front door at around 4am, although the reasons behind the rocker's early morning visit is still unknown. Albrecht's roommate, Danny Balis, says, "He was at his girlfriend's house. He left the house and went next door and - for whatever reason, which we don't know - he knocked on the neighbour's door. "And from what I understand, he was persistent. I don't know if there was a verbal exchange, but the person panicked and fired a shot through the door." The incident is currently under police investigation and no arrests have been made. Edie Brickell + New Bohemians are best known for their 1988 hit single What I Am and Albrecht was working on a solo project at the time of his death.