Edward James Olmos has been scrapped from 'The Predator'.

the 71-year-old actor was meant to play a four-star general in the upcoming sequel but he has revealed his character has been pulled from the final cut because director Shane Black didn't feel the role was relevant to the film's story.

Speaking to Slashfilm, he said: ''I'm not in the show though--It was too long so my character, they had to take me out.

''They were like half an hour, 3/4 of an hour too long. So I understand why. It was gracious of them to call me and tell me, 'Hey, we really feel bad,' you know? ''

Although Olsmos didn't make the final cut, Thomas Jane - who plays the role of a military veteran from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars - recently admitted he was so excited about starring in the film that he accepted the part before reading the script.

He said: ''I never read the script. Shane called me up ... Shane's been trying to work with me for a while.

''We've been trying to work together and this was the one I was available for. He said, 'Hey, I'm doing this movie,' and I said, 'Great, I'm available. Show me where to be.'''

The upcoming film also stars the likes of Boyd Holbrook, Keegan-Michael Key and Olivia Munn.

And Thomas became increasingly excited about the project as it developed over time.

He explained: ''A lot of the stuff we came up. I know Shane and Keegan came up with a lot of that backstory themselves the day before I showed up.

''They laid that on me and I said, 'F**k, that's great! I got nothin' to add to that. That's brilliant, let's roll with that!'

''We try to weave that stuff into the story. Of course, that's the art of making movies, trying to create these stories and weave them in while keeping the train moving forward at all times. That's not an easy job. Every day we're trying to figure out how to build stuff in that connects us all otherwise you just got a bunch of guys shooting guns at f**kin' green people. That gets pretty old.''