In addition to acting and producing, Elijah is a keen DJ, having played at nightclubs and industry parties, as well as going on tour in North America and Europe with his friend Zach Cowie under the name Wooden Wisdom.

Elijah shuns mainstream music when he takes to the decks, preferring to play tracks from all genres, including acid rock and African funk, but the decision doesn’t always go down well with event organisers.

"Occasionally, we’ve been booked to play kind of larger hotels, resorts that have sort of a club atmosphere, and despite the fact that they know what we’re bringing, I think they’re kind of going on my name or something, and they ignore that," he said during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Monday night (24Oct16).

"And this has happened probably four times, this happened in Vegas too, where we’ve gone to play, we’re like 40 minutes into our set and they’ll shut us down. They’ll come and whisper in one of our ears and say OK I think it’s not really working, this is not what our clientele likes!"

The 35-year-old admits it’s "fair enough" for him to be shutdown if his choices aren’t drawing crowds to the dance floor. Yet he can’t help but feel a sense of rejection, especially as he’ll often be forced to hand over to a resident DJ who will start spinning a bunch of crowd pleasers.

"It literally goes from like a killer '70s disco tune to like the most cheesy dance music," he said. "And we walk with our tail between our legs."

Elijah also laughed off speculation that his stage name was DJ Frodo, in reference to his role as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings franchise.

He admitted to host Seth that being referred to as DJ Frodo makes him cringe.

"It’s a funny thing... someone said it online and it spread like wildfire. And I’ve had to constantly tell people that that’s not my DJ name. Which is so crazy because I would be insane to call myself DJ Frodo," he grinned.