Elizabeth Debicki has described working on 'Peter Rabbit' as a ''live beast''.

The actress voices the animated character Mopsy in the upcoming family blockbuster - which is based on Beatrix Potter's iconic character - and she admitted that director and writer Will Gluck was constantly making changes to the script as they were working on the film.

She told Collider: ''The script was really a live beast, and it changed and morphed with Will making changes to it as we went along.

''I think the characters developed... There was an incarnation when Mopsy was into design, which I loved, which I still know to be the truth about her.

''It is a really live thing that you're doing and because you have the malleability of the animation, you can really change who these little characters are as you go along.''

The 27-year-old star also reflected on her past roles, and said more people are approaching her about 2015 spy comedy 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E' despite it being released almost three years ago.

Debicki - who played the villainous Victoria Vinciguerra in the movie - added: ''Strangely actually recently a few people have past me in the street or in a restaurant and commented on [the film]. I thought maybe I was having a particularly evil day and giving off vibes.''

Meanwhile, 'The Cloverfield Paradox' actress - who appears in the new Netflix movie but had remained coy about her role until its release earlier this month - confirmed she is set to enjoy some downtime.

She said: ''I'm actually on a little break, which is lovely. I shot a lot of stuff back to back last year, and now I'm trying this new thing called sleep. I know it's bizarre.''