Elizabeth Olsen is reportedly dating musician Robbie Arnett.

The 28-year-old actress was recently spotted walking arm-in-arm through the streets of New York City with the singer-songwriter and Elizabeth is apparently ''excited'' by their long-term prospects as a couple.

A source said: ''They are in an exclusive relationship and Lizzie is excited about him.''

The relationship is still in its early stages, but the insider said there is an obvious attraction between Elizabeth and Robbie.

The source told E! News: ''She deserves it. It's very new though, but they seem to like each other a lot already.''

The 'Captain America: Civil War' star is the younger sister of actresses and fashion designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and she has previously discussed the challenges of growing up in their shadow.

Elizabeth - who was engaged to actor Boyd Holbrook before they ended their relationship in 2015 - admitted she has had to learn to deal with the comparisons between herself and her siblings.

She said: ''You know you're going to be compared [with them] for the rest of your life. You grow up and get over it, and you love your family regardless.''

But Elizabeth has also claimed she doesn't like some of the attention that comes with being a Hollywood actress.

She explained: ''I won't go to certain restaurants because I don't want to be photographed.''

And while movie premieres and photo shoots are an integral part of her working life, Elizabeth doesn't relish the glare of the cameras.

In fact, Elizabeth insisted she loathes the challenge of squeezing her curvaceous figure into a dress for the red carpet.

She revealed: ''The clothes we're expected to fit into aren't sizes; they're samples. They're not made for chicks with boobs, so I'm very self-conscious about having them.

''I have fun choosing an outfit for my best friend's wedding, but not [something] I'm going to be judged in.''