Ella Eyre has started taking public transport again to gain musical inspiration.

The 24-year-old singer likes using the underground because it forces her to ''take in'' what's going on around her because she can't get distracted by her phone and it gives her ideas for new songs.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''When I first started writing, my inspiration came from sitting on the bus or the Tube. I started doing that a lot less. Recently, I've started getting the bus and the Tube again and realised how influential that can be on my writing.

''I'm forced to take in my surroundings, not staring at my phone in my car. When you are underground you don't have signal.''

However, fans of the 'Together' singer could be in for a long wait for a new album from the star, but she insists that doesn't mean she will be ''disappearing'' or that there won't be any new songs before then.

She admitted: ''An album is a long way off. We are not in an album market. I don't want to feel pressurised into releasing an album just because it was three years since my last one.

''I want to make sure by the next album I have an improvement on the last. My last album took three albums to write. If it takes six years, it will take six years.

''In the meantime, there will be lots of music. It's not like I am disappearing.''

When it comes to her live shows, Ella has no plans in place.

She said: ''Playing a song live is trying to get people engaged in the first 30 seconds. I use it as a gauge to see if it goes off like I thought it would.

''I don't have any set choreography, I just run around like a lunatic. ''Sometimes I don't even know what the lyrics are and no one knows anyway, so you just make them up!''